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Ivotion Digital Dentures

Ivotion™ Digital Dentures By Benage Dental Care of Cleburne, TX


Ivotion™ Digital Denture: Introduction Video


Here at our practice, we are pleased to offer you the revolutionary Ivotion™ Digital Denture. Developed by Ivoclar Vivadent, aworldwide leader in dental innovation, the Ivotion™ Digital Denture System offers you several unique advantages including: a computer precise fit, fewer trips to the dental office, and a permanent digital record for ease in denture replacement or implant stabilization, all while offering spectacular esthetics. To learn more about the advantages of the Ivotion™ Digital Denture System, click on the videos below. At our office we use state-of-the-art digital technology to make your dental experience less stressful and more comfortable. I invite you to come in for a consultation to see if Ivotion™ Digital Dentures are right for you, and let us give you back the beautiful, natural-looking smile you thought you’d lost forever


Ivotion Digital Denture: Advantage #1. Computer Precise Fit



The reason an Ivotion™ Digital Denture fits so well, is because the digital fabrication process eliminates some of the problems which can occur in traditional denture making procedures, such as material shrinkage and distortion. Here’s how it works. Once we take the appropriate records of your mouth, we enter those measurements into a computer software program. This program allows us to digitally control the design of the denture and customize it to your exact requirements. Here we are able to fine tune the denture base, the size and shape of the teeth and make sure your bite is comfortable. Once the design is completed, a high tech milling machine, accurately mills the denture from a solid disc of an advanced, acrylic material… creating a digital denture with a computer precise fit.


Ivotion Digital Denture: Advantage #2 Beautiful, Natural-Looking Aesthetics.


A major advantage of this new digital process is that we can now do things to enhance the aesthetics of your new denture that couldn’t be done before. As an example, the disc material used to create the digital denture teeth has a translucent quality and reflects light in a way that rivals nature. In addition, this digital design and milling process allows us to customize the shade, size, shape and surface characteristics of your denture teeth creating a beautiful, new, natural-looking smile exclusively for you.


Ivotion Digital Denture: Advantage #3. Fewer Appointments


The process for making a conventional denture can take as many as six appointments or more. But due to advanced software and high-tech fabrication techniques we can deliver your new Ivotion™ Digital Denture in as little as three appointments, saving you time and scheduling hassles.


Ivotion Digital Denture: Advantage #4. A Permanent Digital Record


When you get a new denture you’re probably not thinking about what happens if you lose it or break it. But, unfortunately, it happens. And when it happened in the past, we had to start all over again with multiple appointments, spread over several weeks. But now, when an Ivotion Digital Denture is created, a permanent digital record is produced. So if something happens to your denture we can use that digital record to make your new IvotionDigital Denture in just days, not weeks. In addition, having a permanent digital record makes the process of future dentures, even implant supported dentures easier and more predictable.


Ivotion Digital Denture: Advantage #5. A lighter more natural feel 


Many of our denture patients tell us that IvotionDigital Dentures have a lighter, more natural feel, and practically disappear in their mouth. There are a couple of reasons why. First, the denture is made from a strong homogenous acrylic material that can be milled to create a denture that is thicker in areas where additional strength is required and thinner in other areas for comfort. And because it’s digital you have the option of having a denture with a smooth upper pallet or one that reproduces the natural rugae, or ridges found on the roof of your mouth. And finally, because there is no shrinkage of material with this milling process, your new IvotionDigital Denture conforms to your mouth for a computer precise fit.