Dental Implants

Looking for Dental Implants in Cleburne, TX? Benage Dental and Dentures has the options for any Dental Implant need. Dental implants are an extraordinary blend of science and art. Made of titanium, dental implants are securely anchored into the jaw and serve as roots for dental crowns.

In many cases, dental implants – and mini dental implants, the smaller version – are considered the best option for replacing missing teeth. They are also used to replace dental bridges or partial dentures, or to provide support for dentures. Dental implants offer several advantages over other tooth replacement options. They look, feel and function just like real teeth! With dental implants, surrounding teeth are left untouched. Finally, dental implants are exceptionally reliable. Year after year, dental implants have had high success rates and typically last 15-20 years.

Bone Grafting for Implants

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth – but not everyone qualifies as a candidate for implant dentistry. Tooth loss from periodontal disease or other dental conditions may cause the jaw bone to weaken, and the resulting bone loss will lessen the possibility of the patient being able to support a dental implant or other dental appliance.

In such a case, a procedure called bone grafting is often used to add bone to the jaw. Bone is taken from another area in the body and transplanted to the jaw bone to increase its mass.

Once the grafted bone fuses to the jaw bone, a dental implant can be placed, with greater chances for success. Bone grafting is also used to improve bone deterioration caused by dentures, oral cancer, dental deformities or a tooth extraction.

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During the bone grafting procedure, bone is taken from any one of a number of locations in the body. The most convenient areas for bone grafting are your chin or the back part of your lower jaw. If bone is needed to support multiple dental implants, the hip or shin may be used to provide a larger amount of bone. Regardless, any area that provides a significant amount of bone marrow is your best bet for successful healing.

Bone marrow pulled directly from the patient is most recommended by dentists for bone grafting materials. That’s because your own bone marrow contains live cells that help continue bone growth and speed up the healing process. But if there’s not enough bone available or if you aren’t comfortable having bone removed, bone marrow may be taken from other sources such as specialized human or cow bone. Synthetic materials may also be used.