TMJ Treatment / Splints

If you’ve been living with persistent jaw pain, ear pain and headaches, you could have TMD – temporomandibular jaw disorder. TMJ can often be traced back to an improper bite, misaligned jaw joints, or an injury to the jaw or face. TMJ treatment from a dentist can relieve the discomfort.

Although TMJ treatment varies from patient to patient, it typically involves one or several procedures, including the use of an orthotic splint, enamel reshaping, dental crowns, dental braces or night guards. The goal of TMJ treatment is to stabilize your bite so that your teeth, jaw muscles and jaw joints work properly together without strain – and without pain!

There are different types of splints and mouthguards available to help prevent teeth grinding, a habit believed to provoke TMJ pain. Some splints prevent the upper and lower teeth from touching (and thus grinding or clenching); others move the lower jaw forward or backward. These are custom-made at our office. Schedule an appointment today.